About Us

Structural Engineering in the Yorkshire Dales

We are based in the Yorkshire Dales and offer a wide range of professional structural engineering services throughout the Dales, Yorkshire and the whole UK. We provide structural design to all British Standards, Eurocodes and Building Regulations including the following

  • Structural steelwork, simple beams, lintels, plain frame, sway frames and steelwork¬†¬†connections
  • Concrete foundations and retaining walls
  • Masonry wall panel design
  • Timber joists, rafters, hipped valleys, ridges, beams and columns
  • Wind, Snow and live load assessment

“Using 3D and 2D design and analysis software, we can provide the most economic design for your project. We can export our designs into Microsoft Word and AutoCAD to provide a comprehensive design package, suitable for building control and client submissions.”

We also offer:

  • Structural appraisals and inspections of buildings elements and whole buildings including historic buildings. If exploratory opening up work is required we can organise for reputable builders to undertake the work.
  • Site assessment.
  • Scheme optioneering and problem solving.
  • Monitoring of structural movement.
  • Project management.
  • Expert witness.

We can also provide:

  • Construction drawings, including, Tekla detailing and ACAD Detailing
  • Civil Engineering services, including all drainage design.

Also, through our collaborative team based in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas, we can provide you the full turn key service to meet your project needs.